Learning to sing is about YOU.

Singing is about the songs you enjoy singing: Jazz, Folk, Rock, Opera, Music Theatre.

Each person is an individual and has a tailor-made lesson schedule.Singing lessons are in Liverpool, Manchester or online.

Barry Gerald Webb is an expert in opera and singing technique and vocal production, with many pupils who want to sing in many styles using this system of support and resonace.

There are 3 inescapable truths for all singers:

  • Warming up the voice to find true resonance is essential. Small is beautiful.
  • Keeping the voice supported with the diaphragm and true breath control is essential. 
  • Keeping the voice on Speech Level is essential. Singing is not shouting but is an act of release.

In a typical singing lesson we will go through the above basic technique with exercises you will learn for a life time and use on a daily basis.

Then we will look at the songs you like to sing. From pop to opera, from musicals to films...

You can literally reach the Stars when being a singer. Look what happened to me...

Star Wars

I certainly enjoyed singing in these sessions at Abbey Road London in 2000:

I am in the front row of the chorus at a recording for Star Wars with the Oscar winning John Williams conducting. He is a legend and super star.



The voice develops over time.

A trained athlete builds up their skills.
The technique of singing can be explained only by someone who has the experience themselves. The teacher needs to know how to explain it in terms that the student can understand.

This is what I do in my singing lessons in Liverpool.


You cannot hear your own voice. You think it sounds like how you hear it in your head, but step outside and hear it as an independent person.

A good teacher as a third pertson with experience picks up on the smallest defect in voice production.

(In the same way, if you are making a recording or video of yourself, it is better for a third person/engineer to be listening and balancing the sound).

No one can learn to sing from a book or the internet.

There are many good books about singing, but interpreting words and putting them into practice takes experience and professional guidance.

The voice develops over time.

If you think you have mastered the voice, then you are wrong. Learning is a life time of enjoyment. Ask any of the greats, and they will tell you that they learn and improve every day.

By taking singing lessons with me in Liverpool. Manchster or online, you will begin your journey to successful singing.


But you need to go to an Expert.